Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Applications for internships

The application I made for Thompson Brand Partners was eventually declined. I would have loved to work with them and learn from such an experienced agency.

I asked Chris for feedback about my interview and how to improve for future occasions. He was very positive about it and gave me more confidence in future interviews.

I've recently applied to do summer internships with Blind in Los Angeles responding to an offer they published. They are one of my favourite design studios in the world and it would be a dream to work for a couple of months with Chris Do and his team. I've been messaging Greg Gunn on Linkedin doing a follow up of the application. They will be making decisions the week that starts the 14th of May.

Also, very recently Oslo agency in Leeds has got in touch with me after months from my last e-mail. I've sent them a poster and several e-mails with no response until now.

They have kindly invited me over for a chat and to go through my portfolio, which could mean that I can have internships sorted for June.